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Propspear’s powerful and dominant feature functionalities make the software capable of dealing with any kind of sophisticated real-estate related operations on the go. It has been invented with various arresting features that has made it very unique among the qualified and skilled applications in the market store.

Robust and Responsive

The End users are provided with the very best and robust UI/UX experience.

Cloud based approach

We will provide you with intuitive insights in boosting your business.

Simple to Handle

Commendable efficiency in administering your real estate business.

Periodic Tracking

Total sales analysis and Periodical sales report Investigation.

An efficient trade dashboard

In here, the various properties can be governed by you in a centralized and controlled manner. It’s all about the property parameters such as description, Images, details of the owner, monetary terms.

This is the checkpoint where you can have a quick gaze at the activities, traffic, and accountability such as closed deals, new contacts, upcoming diary events, to-do tasks and corporate notice board.

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At your Side World’s swift and smartest property management software.

Propspear is the most magnificent and efficient software,provided right at your side. Propspear is a very simple to handle, cloud based real estate website application, which plays a key role in governing and manipulating property related activities in a centralized manner - which basically includes: manage your property listings(region or location based etc.), contracts management, tasks/diary entries.