For Brokers & Agents

Obtain an accelerated, efficient and much easier sales with the help of Propspear application, as a user of this software,in your hands you have now the control and can update various property information, and can track procedures on sales and entertain with an entire range of some dynamic and awesome tools to promote and boost the sales process.

Contact Management (the CRM space)

Efficient administration of the contacts; that are related to Sellers, Buyers, Landlords, Tenants as well as the Agents.

Sales and Rental Listings

Administration of various properties in a competent and composed manner.

The dashboard and To do List

Todo is a checkpoint where you can have a quick snapshot of all inbound activities. Manage your daily tasks, appointments, schedules and reminders using Todo list.

Marketing tools

whatever you found amazing can be shared via email, social media etc by Integrated marketing tools for promotion of the favorite marked properties.

Administering the leads

Various sources need managing and Lead administering is the process of administering all inquiries related to various properties from Various sources.

Deals Management

Tracking the sales and rental is dealt with this module which leads in such a way that it will act as a unified system that will be engaged in tracking sales.

For Property Managers

Propspear Property management with its awesome features and with its thorough business administration ensemble is a core that includes amazing tools and a systematic approach to manage all the incoming activities that encircle a real-estate property business. Your business efficiencies will be boosted with our integrated lease management power module along with Propspear tools.

Tenants and Landlords

Here you’re having a privilege to manage the tenants and landlords for keeping track of their tenancy contracts and amounts, along with other contact information.

Unit Management

Advance your managed properties in a much easier manner, including their related orders, leases and documentation.

Lease Management

Manage new and existing tenancy contracts upon your managed properties, and set up automated reminders for contract renewals.

Accounts Management

The entire recording of credit and debit transactions based on your managed properties like settlements and clearance related to outstanding bills.

Work Orders

Schedule the maintenance of work orders for any unit and the assignment of the schedule to any property manager.

For Short Terms

Propspear software will help you endeavour your business goals and will brave forward to make you a prodigy in property management. One of the most crucial inhabitant for a modern era, real-estate concern is accurate and insightful reports will be very much useful in making the right decisions. For your convenience we will make the required reports clean and crystal clear. You need not do anything else but sign up and sit back to enjoy the ease of managing your property from anywhere with some simple steps.

Recollecting/recording the Units

Units of property space/construction/premises are dealt are with the process of recording the basic details that corresponds to this section.

Booking Mechanism/management

Booking Administration includes the recording of; date of arrival, number of persons, booking status and other personal details for the inquirer. It comes with the administration of post-dated booking for the hired units for property.

Tracking of the payment/receipts

The payment terms that were made against the property gone for short-term rent is dealt here in this section.